11 October 2014

Graduate Record Examination

GRE = the test from he!!

Actually, I wouldn't know yet because I haven't taken it. I will on Monday. Studying for it isn't the funnest and I don't recommend it. It's boring and monotonous. On Monday I get to go the the testing center and sit in a room for 4-5 hours and be tested on three subjects that supposedly proves my intelligence. Then I send in those scores to my selected grad school programs and hope that they're good enough for entrance. To me, the GRE is a load of crap that just takes me money and time, but if that's what it takes for me to get into my programs then I'm willing to do it!

Oh, by the way, I'm applying to grad school. I hope I get in, but who knows what will happen. It feels right and completely terrifying which means it's even more right because you don't learn and grow without being a little scared of the unknown, right?

Applying to grad school is a lot of work as well but I would rather be filling out applications than studying for the GRE so I'll spare you and not complain about that as well.

01 May 2014


I've had to to hold this in for a few weeks now and it has been killing me! I bought a ticket to fly to Las Vegas for a surprise visit to Bri for a WEEK! I had to be pretty sneaky to accomplish it but it happened.

When I got to PDX they said that my flight is delayed 25 minutes but that we could make up the time in the air on our way to Sacramento (a layover where I didn't have to get off the plane). When we landed we were on track to leave at the time that would cut off some of that time but then there were some communication issues with the system. Then when we landed in Las Vegas (35 minutes after the original scheduled time) we had to sit on the "tar" for 30 minutes before there was an open gate for us to get off the plane. Once I got into the actual airport it was JAM PACKED! All the delays had made it so it was total chaos in at LAS and there wasn't a single open seat or open plug and everyone was gambling. Haha!

Finally, I made it down to the baggage claim and there was Dallan! I hadn't see him for about a year and a half so it was good seeing him (shout out to Dallan for helping this happen)! He took me to the park where Dustin (Bri's BF) and I were going to surprise her. We found them and parked and then I ran up behind Bri and surprised her! It was perfect and everything I wanted the surprise to be! Wow, that sounds super sappy but it was so fun! I love surprising people. 

19 April 2014

the best is yet to come.

noun: nostalgia; plural noun: nostalgias
a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
"I was overcome with acute nostalgia for my days in college" (How ironic that they used college as an example.)
synonyms:reminiscence, remembrance, recollection;

I plead guilty. Sometimes I get lost in a world of nostalgia. I can't help it. I've lived a pretty awesome life. I can't really complain. I have health, the gospel, friends, and family. What more can I ask for?

I often go back and read through my journal, blog, or Facebook and Instagram posts and secretly long to relive those moments. I'm grateful to have had such unforgettable memories that I want to relive them but I also want to make sure that I'm not living in the past and am striving to more forward to make more amazing memories.

I love the quote by C.S. Lewis, "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind."

27 March 2014

David Anointed King

Search 2 Samuel 1-10 and make a list of King David’s accomplishments.
He slays the Amalekite who claimed to have killed Saul
He became king over the house of Judah
He defeated Abner and the people of Israel
He conquered Jeruselum
He became King
He defeated the Philistines and many other nations
He executed judgment and justice to all his people.
He brought peace to Isreal
He offers to build a temple

Read 1 Chronicles 22:7-8 and the Institute Student Manual commentary for 2 Samuel 7:1-17, “Why Was David Not Allowed to Build the Temple?” (pgs. 289-90). Write your explanation of why the Lord did not want David to build a temple.
I believe that the Lord did not want David to build a temple because David had already offered up so many sacrifices unto the Lord and shed so much blood.

Read 2 Samuel 7:12-17 and write one or two sentences describing how you would feel if you were in a situation similar to David’s. Write one or two sentences describing how 2 Samuel 7:16 is a Messianic prophecy. Then read 2 Samuel 7:18-29 and summarize David’s response to the Lord’s message to him.
I would be thrilled and speechless and I would feel comfort knowing that I would receive that great blessing. His response shows who he is by his humility for that message shared with him through Nathan from the Lord.

20 March 2014

Every Man Did That Which Was Right in His Own Eyes


Read the chapter summaries for Judges 17-21 and the Institute Student Manual commentary for Judges 17:21, “Every Man Did That Which Was Right in His Own Eyes” (pg. 261). Write a brief summary of events described in these chapters.
There was a low observance of any kind of religion towards the end of Judges and it’s apparent with the things that take place. There’s idolatry set up, the rape of the concubine in Gibeah, and all but 600 of the Benjamites were destroyed. 

Read Judges 21:25. Explain in writing why this is such an accurate description of this terrible time of Israel’s history. Read John 14:6; 2 Nephi 9:28-29; Isaiah 55:8-9. Then write the reasons these verses give for why doing things the Lord’s way is so much better than our own.
Since they were not practicing any religion during that time they were not close to God and chose to do things in ways that they thought worked best. Clearly those ways are not the ways of the Lord because look at complete wickedness that was present. Those men chose to do what they thought was right in their eyes rather than the Lord’s eyes.
Jesus is the only way that we can make it back to Heavenly Father. What you might think to be wise is really foolishness because the Lord knows best and we should seek to do things His way. To have knowledge is good only is we listen to what He tells us to do with that knowledge. The Lord knows the plan that we need to live in order to be successful in this life and in the next. He has more knowledge than us to it would benefit us to humble ourselves and listen to His counsel and do things as He asks of us.

13 March 2014

Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve

Read Joshua 10:12-14 and the Institute Student Manual commentary for Joshua 10:12-14,
“Did the Sun Really Stand Still in the Heavens?” (pg. 240). Did the sun really stand still in the heavens? Write a paragraph how you could explain these verses to someone who says he or she won’t believe the Bible because of this obvious contradiction with science.
No, the sun didn’t stand still in the heavens because it is the earth that rotates around the sun. The sun does not move so really it was the earth that stopped moving so the sun stayed to give light all that time. God can make anything He wants to happen happen. In the Book of Mormon is talks about the how the Lord can dry up rivers and oceans or build mountains or even stop the earth in its rotation to lengthen the day. 

Read the chapter summaries of Joshua 7-22. Make two lists—one that identifies Israel’s successes and another that identifies Israel’s failures.
Takes Ai
Defeated the Amorites and their allies
Conquer whole land, destroying cities and nations
Conquered two kings on the east and thirty one on the west
Inheritances given
Defeated by Ai

Read Joshua 23-24 and the Institute Student Manual commentary for Joshua 24:1-28, “Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve” (pg. 242). What do you think was the major theme of Joshua’s final address to his people? Based on the lists you created from Joshua 7-22, write a paragraph that explains why Joshua chose to deliver his final address on this particular topic.
I love the theme that Joshua presents near the end of his life. “Choose you this day whom ye will serve.” To me, that is powerful and when I hear it I think of agency. The first word says, “choose”. We are to choose between right and wrong. We can choose to serve God or to serve the adversary. Joshua is teaching us that we will be blessed when we choose good or when we choose God. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right because we have not already made those choices. When I was baptized I made the choice that I will always pay my tithing, I will never drink coffee or alcohol, I will never have premarital relations, etc. So, when I’m faced with those temptations thereafter I know I’ve already made that choice. I’ve made the choice to follow the commandments and if you haven’t I invite you to do so.