01 May 2014


I've had to to hold this in for a few weeks now and it has been killing me! I bought a ticket to fly to Las Vegas for a surprise visit to Bri for a WEEK! I had to be pretty sneaky to accomplish it but it happened.

When I got to PDX they said that my flight is delayed 25 minutes but that we could make up the time in the air on our way to Sacramento (a layover where I didn't have to get off the plane). When we landed we were on track to leave at the time that would cut off some of that time but then there were some communication issues with the system. Then when we landed in Las Vegas (35 minutes after the original scheduled time) we had to sit on the "tar" for 30 minutes before there was an open gate for us to get off the plane. Once I got into the actual airport it was JAM PACKED! All the delays had made it so it was total chaos in at LAS and there wasn't a single open seat or open plug and everyone was gambling. Haha!

Finally, I made it down to the baggage claim and there was Dallan! I hadn't see him for about a year and a half so it was good seeing him (shout out to Dallan for helping this happen)! He took me to the park where Dustin (Bri's BF) and I were going to surprise her. We found them and parked and then I ran up behind Bri and surprised her! It was perfect and everything I wanted the surprise to be! Wow, that sounds super sappy but it was so fun! I love surprising people. 

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