11 October 2014

Graduate Record Examination

GRE = the test from he!!

Actually, I wouldn't know yet because I haven't taken it. I will on Monday. Studying for it isn't the funnest and I don't recommend it. It's boring and monotonous. On Monday I get to go the the testing center and sit in a room for 4-5 hours and be tested on three subjects that supposedly proves my intelligence. Then I send in those scores to my selected grad school programs and hope that they're good enough for entrance. To me, the GRE is a load of crap that just takes me money and time, but if that's what it takes for me to get into my programs then I'm willing to do it!

Oh, by the way, I'm applying to grad school. I hope I get in, but who knows what will happen. It feels right and completely terrifying which means it's even more right because you don't learn and grow without being a little scared of the unknown, right?

Applying to grad school is a lot of work as well but I would rather be filling out applications than studying for the GRE so I'll spare you and not complain about that as well.

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  1. Ya! you go girl - and say goodbye to your social life :)