27 March 2014

David Anointed King

Search 2 Samuel 1-10 and make a list of King David’s accomplishments.
He slays the Amalekite who claimed to have killed Saul
He became king over the house of Judah
He defeated Abner and the people of Israel
He conquered Jeruselum
He became King
He defeated the Philistines and many other nations
He executed judgment and justice to all his people.
He brought peace to Isreal
He offers to build a temple

Read 1 Chronicles 22:7-8 and the Institute Student Manual commentary for 2 Samuel 7:1-17, “Why Was David Not Allowed to Build the Temple?” (pgs. 289-90). Write your explanation of why the Lord did not want David to build a temple.
I believe that the Lord did not want David to build a temple because David had already offered up so many sacrifices unto the Lord and shed so much blood.

Read 2 Samuel 7:12-17 and write one or two sentences describing how you would feel if you were in a situation similar to David’s. Write one or two sentences describing how 2 Samuel 7:16 is a Messianic prophecy. Then read 2 Samuel 7:18-29 and summarize David’s response to the Lord’s message to him.
I would be thrilled and speechless and I would feel comfort knowing that I would receive that great blessing. His response shows who he is by his humility for that message shared with him through Nathan from the Lord.

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